Loren Tripoli, REALTOR
Broker, Broker in Charge, E-pro, Notary

Tel: 808-778-8865
Email: loren.tripoli@ymail.com

Loren Tripoli is a dedicated Broker who’s passion for real estate is rooted in a fundamental understanding of clients needs, and her ability to guide them throughout the transaction. Her versatile background in handling all different types of properties and being raised in Hawaii gives her the advantage on being an expert with Island real estate. Successful real estate transactions are produced when you couple them with a successful and genuine agent. Loren provides just that with her bona fide passion for communicating with people and her relentless desire to provide a smooth, organized, and favorable outcome. She seeks to make the buying and selling experience educational, and is able to combine her love and passion for people, homes, and great interior design into one medium. She is a very hard worker who is trustworthy, loyal and has a strong work ethic.